The Story of Fitness Culture

Fitness Culture is here to provide the members of Fitness Culture world-class training, nutrition, and mobility programs.

One of the main reasons we wanted to start Fitness Culture was because we knew how much training smart changed our lives. We were struggling in my own lives and couldn't seem to find our way out. That's when we started training and training smart with discipline and intensity.

It really got us out of a bad place and back on track not just physically, but also mentally. It was in that moment we knew we wanted to develop a way for people to experience the impact of training and how it can change their mental outlook.

That's why we started Fitness Culture. You can get real coaching, real training programs designed around your goal, along with nutrition and mobility to help you change your life and get results.


Our training programs are customized not only to your individual training style but also based on your strength levels. Every exercise comes complete with video tutorials, correct progressions, and weight calculations so you know there’s no guesswork.


We’ll put you through a series of movements to assess your mobility. After that, you’ll receive complete routines geared to fix any of your problem areas. Our routines will update every day that way you can stay mobile and prevent injury.


Get a macronutrient plan according to your individual goals. From there, we’ll give you meal plans and teach you exactly how to work the plans into your busy schedule. Weekly check-ins will keep you accountable and help us adjust your body.